Welcome to Arirang Age-Friendly Community Centre

Arirang Age Friendly Community Centre (“AAFCC”) is a non-profit organization founded in 2013 to address the growing number of Korean seniors in the GTA with language and/or cultural barriers to community and healthcare services. 


To build age-friendly communities for Korean Canadian seniors in Canada.​


The vast majority of Korean Canadian seniors are unable to access community-based health services because of language and cultural barriers. Korean Canadian seniors are thus heavily dependent upon the Korean Canadian community to answer their needs.


Currently, this role is being served in an ad-hoc manner by various churches and other minor community groups within the Korean Canadian community. While these organizations have significant resources, lack of expertise and proper management have made it difficult for them to provide consistent and sustained services.


The AAFCC seeks to fill this gap by organizing these resources into a network to promote age-friendly community development in the Korean Canadian community, providing information and ensuring consistent services with its community partners.


The mandate of the organization is to improve the quality of life for Korean Canadian seniors through the provision of culturally and linguistically appropriate health and wellness programs and home support services.

We strive to achieve this through our following objectives:

  • Enhance Korean Canadian seniors’ social participation through the provision of culturally and linguistically appropriate events and activities at accessible locations and times
  • Promote respect and social inclusion by encouraging seniors’ involvement in community activities, events and services
  • Increase civic participation and employment with training and volunteer opportunities
  • Enhance availability and access to culturally and linguistically appropriate health and health related information via print-based and online communication.