Our Vision

To build age-friendly communities for Korean Canadian seniors in Canada.​


The vast majority of Korean Canadian seniors are unable to access community-based health services because of language and cultural barriers. Korean Canadian seniors are thus heavily dependent upon the Korean Canadian community to answer their needs.

Currently, this role is being served in an ad-hoc manner by various churches and other minor community groups within the Korean Canadian community. While these organizations have significant resources, lack of expertise and proper management have made it difficult for them to provide consistent and sustained services.

The AAFCC seeks to fill this gap by organizing these resources into a network to promote age-friendly community development in the Korean Canadian community, providing information and ensuring consistent services with its community partners.


The mandate of the organization is to improve the quality of life for Korean Canadian seniors through the provision of culturally and linguistically appropriate health and wellness programs and home support services.

We strive to achieve this through our following objectives:

  • Enhance Korean Canadian seniors’ social participation through the provision of culturally and linguistically appropriate events and activities at accessible locations and times

  • Promote respect and social inclusion by encouraging seniors’ involvement in community activities, events and services

  • Increase civic participation and employment with training and volunteer opportunities

  • Enhance availability and access to culturally and linguistically appropriate health and health related information via print-based and online communications

Community Partners

Community partners are vital to AAFCC’s short and long-term capacity and are an integral part of AAFCC’s success. Our community partners help enhance the quality of our programming and further our reach in the Korean Canadian community and beyond. The following are AAFCC’s community partner organizations.

Milal Church

Vaughan Community Church

Light Presbyterian Church

Yumkwang Presbyterian Church

St. Andrew Kim Catholic Church

The Garden Korean Church

Toronto Korean Presbyterian Church

St. Timothy Presbyterian Church

Westside Presbyterian Church

Korean Central Presbyterian Church

The Korean Buddhist Chontae Order Pyung Hwa Sa

Hanmaum Zen Centre of Toronto

The Korean Senior Citizens Society of Toronto

GTA Hanca Seniors Association

Korean Canadian Medical Association (KCMA)

Korean Ontario Nurses Association (KONA)

Korean Canadian Lawyers Association (KCLA)

Our Team

Board of Directors

Eunice Eun-Hee Kim, B.A., LL.B. – Chairman of the Board

Julia Shin Doi, B.A., J.D., LL.M. – Vice Chair of the Board

Dr. Don Kim, M.D.

Sung Hak Choi, Health Promoter

Myung Sook Kim, C.P.A., C.G.A

Dr. Ki-Dong Lim, M.D., FRCPC

Dr. Daniel Yim, M.D.

Susan Kim, Assistant Crown Attorney

Soon Kyung Park, R.N., C.D.E

Jina Lee, B.A., J.D., LL.B

Hyemi Lee, NP-Adult, MN, C.D.E.

Richard Ha, B.A., LL.B

Katie Youn Keun Kim, R.N., MN

Legal Counsel

Susan Han, Weir Foulds, LLP – Partner

Leadership Team

Jiyeon Lee

Linda Yoo

Dr. Sung A Kim, M.D.

Seong-gee Um, PhD

Jennifer Hyejin Cho, Project Coordinator

Risa Kim, RSW

How It All Began

In 2013, a small group of like-minded individuals from the community gathered to start what is now AAFCC. The inception came about because they were concerned about the growing number of Korean seniors who simply could not access health information or services and programs due to language and cultural barriers. Ms. Eunice Kim became the first Board Chair and Ms. Julia Shin Doi the first Board Vice Chair of AAFCC.

In 2015, AAFCC received its first federal New Horizon for Seniors Grant to focus on increasing awareness of various health issues relevant to Korean seniors. And in 2016, AAFCC was awarded its second federal New Horizon for Seniors Grant which focused on the prevention of seniors elder abuse.

In 2015, AAFCC held its first successful fundraiser. The proceeds from the evening allowed AAFCC to partner with CHATS to launch the first-ever Korean specific Adult Day Program for Korean seniors living with cognitive and physical impairments in the fall of 2016. With support from Milal church, the program runs twice a week.

Today, AAFCC continues to seek further funding and donations to support existing services and programs and also to possibly expand services to new satellite locations.